Lumin Promotional One-Pagers
CAPP Context Website Infographics
CAPP Context Magazine - December 2016
CAPP Context Magazine - May 2017
Blunt Strategic Promotional Flyer
Promotional Flyer
Oneball Poster
Every once and a while you get to design something that's a little out there. This was a fun project with an important message.
Quote for Services
Quotes can be pretty too!
CAPP Context Magazine May 2016
This magazine is distributed in print and digital versions to CAPP's employees and members.
CAPP Context Magazine February 2016
This magazine is distributed in print and digital versions to CAPP's employees and members.
CAPP Context Magazine November 2015
This magazine is distributed in print and digital versions to CAPP's employees and members.
The Residences of King Edward Collateral
Business cards, letterhead and a presentation folder for a new condo development.
Stay Prime Golf Brochure
Golf brochure.
Robert Bateman Secondary School Poster
Educational poster.
Canadian Energy Forum 2015 Sales Package
One of the many projects I completed for the Canadian Energy Forum.
Global Petroleum Show Panels
Eye-catching Global Petroleum Show tradeshow panels.
MIS VMWare Invitation
An email resolution invitation design.
MIS Stampede Sponsorship
Sponsorship information page designed with a cowboy theme in mind.
MIS Chuckwagon Race Invitation
Western feel chuckwagon invitation.
MIS Big Sale
Email graphic flyer.
CMHA-ER App Splash Page
Lego themed app splash page.
MARCH IBD Youth Camp Brochure
Outdoor camp-themed tri-fold brochure.
Edmonton Paintball Centre Invitation
Paintball invitation.
CATAP Retractable Banner
Retractable banner design.
CATAP Tri-fold Brochure
Tri-fold brochure design.
Edmonton Paintball Centre Banners
Huge banners designed for display around the Edmonton Paintball Centre building.
IVIS Brochure
Brochure design.
Melcor Christmas Invitation
Elegant Christmas invitation.
A sample of various projects designed for Contava.
ACM Fall 2012
A few designs from the 2012 Alberta Construction Magazine issue.
CESCF 2014
A small sample of the various projects designed for the Canadian Energy Supply Chain Forum 2014. Pieces included ads, program, signs, name badges, tradeshow panels, etc.
MIS Replication Brochure
A one-page flyer describing replication as a service.
MIS Speeders Invite
A race car inspired inviation.
CMHA-ER Stamp Out Stigma Logo
Logo design for a youth summit.
CFMS Advertising
A few ad designs.
Various samples of pieces designed for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Annual General Meeting. Pieces designed included PowerPoint Presentation, Tri-fold Brochures and Award Certifcations.
MIS Golf Invites
Golf invitation.
CHOA Conference 2014
A variety of projects designed for the 2014 CHOA Conference. Ads, program, and signs to name a few of the pieces.
MIS Driving Academy Invitation
Race car inspired inviation.
Oilweek Top 100 Infographic
Infographic designed based on information from Oilweek's Top 100.
CMHA-ER Infographic 2013
Clean and legible infographic design.
CMHA-ER Infographic 2014
It was fun designing this infographic for Canadian Mental Health Association - Edmonton.
CMHA-ER Lift the Silence 2014
Pieces designed for Suicide Awareness.
e-town logo design
Logo design for the e-town 2013 conference.
next-gen conference
A small sample of projects designed for this conference. I designed all pieces for this conference including PowerPoint Presentations, signs, name badges, program, etc.
Seed Logo Design
This logo with a leafy pen tip and fresh green colours were designed for a vegan blog.
Five Point Marketing Logo Design
The star and colours play into the company name.
The Co-op I live in does not have a logo, which would be nice to have for the various forms, etc. that are used (like the Visitor Parking Permit). I took it upon myself to come up with some ideas. I picked my favourite (the top image) which I have started to use, but I have other choices in reserve.
Data Capacity Analysis One-Pager
One-page design which keeps consistency with the Mainland Information Systems brand.
Call for Speakers | 2020 Vision
One-page design to entice speakers to join the 2020 Vision event.
Tradeshow Postcard
The back and front of a postcard that will be handed out at a tradeshow.
MIS Stampede Sponsorship
A wild west theme for Mainland Information System's annual Stampede Event.
Lumin - Free The Arts
The abstract honeycomb design give the feeling of connection for this one-pager.
Party Invitation
Going away party invitation for a friend.
The Support Network Hurry Hard for Hope
Postcard and poster created for The Support Network's annual curling event.
Wedding Invitation
Simple wedding invitation with a fresh tropical theme.
Mainland Information Systems Christmas Party 2015
Sponsorship, sponsorship sign and invitation.
CMHA–ER Golf Tournament Program 2015
12-page program guide for Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton Region's annual golf tournament. The design is based on their brand guidelines.
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